Software Savvy

Software Savvy was founded by Lesley Lincoln with a single focus in mind: make computer software training more convenient and accessible for both individuals and employers.

During her more than 20 years of computing and training experience, Lesley recognized that most people only use a fraction of their computer software’s capabilities. And, even though both individuals and employers recognize the need for improved computing skills, they simply don’t take the time for proper training because it isn’t readily accessible nor held at convenient times.

Our Mission

To help individuals and businesses work faster, smarter, more productively and successfully thereby maximizing the full potential of their computing skills and equipment investment.

On-Site Training Means We Come To You

Today, Software Savvy is one of the few companies to bring software training to its clients. The company has developed a team of experienced instructors who have successfully trained at the corporate or institutional level for many years. This team of highly skilled professionals now provides training on weekdays, evenings, weekends, whenever and wherever its needed.

Training Strategy That Works

Unlike full-day, generic training that can be tiring and overwhelming, our customized sessions are shorter, 3-hour classes so participants have better attention and retention. They learn exactly what they need and want in much less time than other methods.