Excel Tip – Scale to Fit

Microsoft Excel training tip – Fit a spreadsheet on one page without covering up any data. Excel will shrink it slightly to fit the entire spreadsheet on one page. This is just one of many Excel tips that can help you become much more Excel savvy!

Word Tip – New Bookmark Feature

A handy feature in Microsoft Word that will bring you back to the last page you were on. If you made changes on page 10 and needed to get back there quickly and easily, this Bookmark feature will do it for you. Just reopen the document and click on the Welcome back box and you are back. Great time saving tip.

Outlook Tip – Peeks

Handy new feature in Outlook that allows you to view your upcoming appointments while never leaving your Inbox. To find out more about Outlook tips and shortcuts call Software Savvy Computer Training to get started on your road to greater productivity.

Excel Tip – Very Tiny Charts

Microsoft Excel training Orlando. Excel tip that shows how to make different kinds of charts. Small charts. Charts that you can fit on your spreadsheet. These are real charts that will adjust if your data changes. Sparklines . . an Excel user’s friend.

Word Tip – Automatic Page Bookmarks

Word 2013 automatically bookmarks the page you were last on when you closed a document, and lets you return to that page when you reopen the document. So you have a twenty page document and you were reading some info on page twelve and then decided to close the...

Outlook – Create a Task from an Email

You can create a Task (a “to do” item) right from an email. All you need to do is point at the email in your Inbox (no need to open it), hold down your left mouse button and drag that email to the Tasks header in your Navigation Pane (lower left of screen). Let go...