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Corporate Microsoft Training

Undertrained Computer Users Waste Time/Money

Did you know that some employees only know how to use 10-12% of the software they’re working with every day? According to a study by Gartner, Inc., a noted International Research & Consulting Company, 88% of the software you provide to your employees goes unused by some of them because they don’t know how to use it. This means hundreds of timesaving software features are wasted which is costing your company time and money!

  • Most computer-users are self-taught, with no formal training
  • Untrained users are much less productive than trained users
  • Can take 3-6 times longer to do same work
  • Cost 5 times more to support than trained users
  • Become frustrated and waste time doing other things
  • Make co-workers unproductive by asking their help
  • Less job satisfaction…more apt to leave the company

Our Software Training Creates More Productive Employees

Just a 15-20% increase in an employee’s computing speed can save 150 to 250 working hours a year. This increase in productivity can save your company thousands of dollars annually!

  • Just 3 hours of our customized training can produce a 20% increase in employees computing speed and efficiency
  • This increase in productivity allows more time to perform other job functions
  • The company can get more done with fewer employees
  • Our training helps keep them from making others unproductive
  • Increases morale and employee self-esteem
  • Reduces job frustration
  • Helps produce better employee retention