Open an Excel spreadsheet and in cell A1, type your birthday for next year, such as 7/7/2016

In B1 key in this function   =today()       (Computes the current date)

In C1 type this formula      =A1-B1     and press Enter to finish

Click in C1 and enlarge this cell, italize this cell and make it a bright color!

C1 will show you how many days it will be until your birthday next year.

It will update each day. Name your document Birthday. Save it and close it.

Now we will make a shortcut on your Desktop screen so you can open your spreadsheet quickly and easily.

Right click on your Desktop screen, point to New and click on Shortcut. Navigate to your birthday workbook, click once to highlight and click on OK. Click Next.

Type a name for your shortcut and click Finish.

To choose a different icon for your shortcut, right click on shortcut, click Properties and then Change Icon.

Have fun counting down to your special day!