Microsoft Excel Courses

Excel Level 1

  • Shortcuts on Quick Access Toolbar
  • Fast navigation tips
  • Freeze headings
  • Add columns & rows
  • Adjust column widths and row heights
  • Formula rules
  • Create basic Formulas
  • Learn Functions – Average, Minimum, Maximum and Count
  • Use AutoSum and AutoFill
  • Quick methods for highlighting data
  • Format numbers and text
  • Modify data without retyping
  • Cut and Paste
  • Click and Drag
  • Add, rename, delete, move and color worksheets
  • Print Preview
  • Change margins and page orientation
  • Create and edit basic charts

Excel Level 2

  • More Formulas and Functions
  • Absolute versus Relative Referencing
  • Learn the Order of Mathematics (PEMDAS)
  • Multiple operator Formulas
  • Named Ranges
  • AutoCalculate
  • Merge Cells
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Set Print Area
  • Move/Copy worksheet to new workbook
  • Special Formatting
  • FlashFill (best new Excel feature!)
  • Create a multi-sheet sales forecast
  • 3D linking (bringing numbers in from other sheets and totaling them)
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Automatic SubTotals
  • Duplicate removal
  • Split Window
  • Hide Columns, Rows and Sheets
  • Sparkline graphics
  • PDF Attachment

Excel Level 3

  • Data validation
  • Lock spreadsheets
  • Excel Table function
  • Comments
  • Link data to other workbooks
  • Fix broken links
  • Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts & Slicers
  • Vlookup and Hlookup functions
  • IF statements
  • SumIF, countIF, averageIF
  • SumIFS, CountIFS, AverageIFS
  • Calculations using dates
  • Financial functions – PMT & FV
  • Round and IFError functions
  • Macros
  • Templates

Mastering Excel Formulas

Master the mysteries of Excel formulas with Software Savvy’s highly focused, hands-on training class. From creating basic formulas to working with IF Statements and VLookup functions … and so much more!

  • Absolute versus Relative Referencing
  • Average, Maximum, Minimum functions
  • Multiple Count functions
  • Order of Mathmatics (PEMDAS)
  • Multiple operator formulas
  • VLookup and HLookup functions
  • Named Ranges
  • Basic IF statements and Nested IF statements
  • SumIF, CountIF and AverageIF
  • Dates in formulas
  • FlashFill (automatically fills your data when it senses a pattern)

Excel Charts:
From Basic to Amazing

  • Create advanced and interactive charts
  • Learn how to represent data graphically
  • Explore techniques for creating high impact charts
  • Add or delete series of data to charts
  • Filter charts
  • Combination charts and self-expanding charts
  • Save a chart as a picture
  • Hide zeros on a chart
  • Use SmartArt drawing tools to add impact and customization

Excel Pivot Tables
& Pivot Charts

  • Create interactive Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Analyze large collections of data using Pivot Tables
  • Through hands-on exercises organize, customize and summarize data
  • Arrange fields
  • Sort, Filter and Format your Pivot tables
  • Learn about Primary and Details fields
  • Use Slicers to filter data
  • Group dates
  • Add custom calculations
  • Add fields with a formula
  • Present your data in a Pivot Chart to add visual perspective
  • Filter your Pivot Chart
  • Format your Pivot Chart
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