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Become a Wizard with Excel Formulas, Charts and More, through Software Savvy’s Microsoft Excel Training in Orlando

 Excel is one of Microsoft’s most useful and most used programs.  However, most people are not using Excel as efficiently as they could.  In fact, Software Savvy has found that people only use about 10-15% of Excel’s capabilities.  Excel is one of our most popular courses, as many companies suspect that they could be making more out of this program and hope to increase their productivity with it.  Their suspicions are true.  Excel can do wonders, for a business, and skilled use of this program can make data management much simpler.


Demand Excel courses which speak to your specific business needs.

Software Savvy is a company’s best bet, for successful Orlando Microsoft Excel training.  We have the capacity to focus our courses on the aspects of Excel that you will find most useful and our courses are structured in such a way that every trainee has the opportunity to develop a great level of comfort with the program.

Since Excel is extremely multi-faceted, we understand that different businesses will utilitze it in completely different ways.  When you request courses from us, we can design and tailor our sessions in order to focus on the tools in Excel that you use and need.  With these tools, you could increase your speed and adeptness with the program, saving yourself time and increasing your capabilities.  Customized Excel training contributes greatly to client success, and is part of what makes Software Savvy’s courses so desirable.


Stay put and learn better—our staff trains on-site!

There are several other aspects of our course structure which maximize the effectiveness of your training.  For one thing, we conduct our courses at your location, offering on-site Excel training in Orlando and Central Florida.  Learning a skillset in the environment in which you will use those skills is optimal, as they will be more relevant and applicable.  Also, many of our clients enjoy the convenience of learning in the office, as they don’t have to organize a company trip.

Another way in which the structure of our courses increases the quality of learning is their length.  Whether your course includes only one session or three, each of these sessions will only be a maximum of three hours long.  Individuals are less likely to digest information, after several hours, and much of the training would be lost.  While other Orlando computer training services provide lengthy, day-long courses, we try to deliver as much of the most useful information possible in these three hours.  Our engaging instructors will help your employees to develop hands-on skills, without losing their attention and wasting your time.


Whichever your focus, we’ll take you from novice to guru.

Due to the fact that Excel is both an extremely helpful program as well as our most popular class request, we offer several course options.  You can select our basic Excel course or one of our specialty courses, which include “Mastering Excel Formulas,” “Excel Charts: From Basic to Amazing” and “Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.”

Our basic Excel course includes beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions, through which you can gain hands-on training in the use of formulas, IF statements, Vlookups and Hlookups.  You can learn how to hide columns and rows, use basic charts, copy and move worksheets, use sparkline graphics, more effectively use comments, and use financial functions.  If your employees have already mastered the majority of the topics covered in the beginner course, you can discuss this with us and we will adjust the course in order to avoid losing time on the tools that they are already familiar with.


Let Microsoft Excel show you what it’s really made of!

Formulas are one of the areas in Excel where many people can drastically improve their productivity.  A great number of companies incorporate formulas in their record keeping, but they tend to use a small fraction of those formulas’ potential.  With “Mastering Excel Formulas,” you could enhance the effectiveness of Excel five-fold.  After this course, you and your staff will be able to quickly formulate data through the use of Vlookups, IF statements, and other useful formulas.  These shortcuts will helpfully eliminate tedious tasks and manual formulations.

If using Excel charts is an important part of your business, or if you would like to incorporate more of them in order to map out and track your company statistics, you can request our specialty course “Excel Charts: From Basic to Amazing.”  Your charts can be interactive, in such a way that they will change automatically when you adjust the spreadsheet.  Your statistics will match up, as they will be inter-connected, and you won’t have to worry about correcting separate documents.  We will also provide you with the tools to make the most impressive customized charts and you will learn how to combine charts.

Our other stellar specialty course for Excel is “Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.”  Learning how to create and use Pivot Charts can be one of the most useful skills, for easy data viewing, analyzing and comparison.  Pivot Charts are a great way to zoom in on the specific data that you want to see.  They are interactive and can be filtered as you use them.  Make sense of a large database and save time with this great feature of Excel.


Call Software Savvy for the best Microsoft Excel training in Orlando!

If you suspect that you can increase your skills in Excel, contact Software Savvy at (407) 880-8447.  We have been training professionals in Orlando for over 14 years and our staff members are some of the most qualified and experienced you can find.  Increase your employee productivity, make better use of charts and graphs, and make the most out of your Microsoft Excel program, by requesting Orlando Microsoft Excel training.