Microsoft Office Training Orlando

Get On-Site Microsoft Office Training in Orlando from the Most Effective Company in the Business: Software Savvy

If you are looking for the highest quality computer training for your office, your corporation, or simply for yourself, Software Savvy offers Microsoft Office training in Orlando that is engaging and which pushes employee productivity forward by an average of 15%.  Our staff is qualified to provide company training for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneNote, and more.  You may not be using Excel as efficiently as you could, at work, or you may not even use your OneNote.  In fact, most individuals and companies only use a small fraction of their Microsoft programs’ potential.  Let Software Savvy surprise you with the conveniences of these programs and you’ll be amazed at just how much they can do for you.

Software Savvy has been training on the Microsoft Office applications in Orlando for more than sixteen years.  Our experienced staff performs our courses in such a way that each individual is able to get the most out of the training—whether they are taking the course as an individual, with their small business, or at a conference.

Software Savvy ensures effective training for every individual.

Our aim and focus is to help each of our customers to make their Microsoft Office programs work for them.  In order to achieve this, we have to make every minute of training count.  The first way in which we make these courses effective is to offer engaging and hands-on instruction.  You and your employees will learn how to apply the skills that they are being taught in their work environment.  Our instructors will work to make the courses relevant to your company and your company needs.

To optimize your training, we will customize the courses that you take so that our instructors focus on the tools that will be most useful to you.  Our staff is extremely capable of designing customized Microsoft Office courses in Orlando.  If your company could benefit greatly from a thorough understanding of formulas in Excel, our trainers can tailor their course so that your employees can become more comfortable and masterful with formulas.  If using charts in your presentations is vital and important, our instructors can allocate more time to this aspect of PowerPoint than they would otherwise.

As part of the option to customize, if your staff is already at a semi-intermediate level with the programs that they use, we can jump forward in the course and start at a point which will be most beneficial to them.  Less time spent on basic and redundant information means more time allocated to aspects of Microsoft Office which are relevant to you and your business.

Stimulating, hands-on training that won’t send you into information overload.

Unlike many other Orlando computer training companies, we teach our on-site courses in short, three-hour intervals.  This is because shorter courses are proven more effective than day-long marathons. Don’t waste your training, keep the sessions short. Whether you take the Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint course, your individual sessions will not exceed three hours.

In less time, you are guaranteed to get a more thorough and detailed understanding of Microsoft Office programs with Software Savvy.  This is due to the combination of shorter, more engaging courses with the option to customize and focus on the most useful tools for your business.

On-site training for Microsoft Office in Orlando and Central Florida.

There is one aspect of choosing the Orlando training for Microsoft Office programs which Software Savvy offers that truly differentiates us from others and which greatly enhances the success of our courses.  When you get training from us, we come to your location.  Forget relocating your entire office staff.  Our instructors come to you and perform on-site Microsoft Office training. Or opt for virtual training. Connect via computers and your staff never leave their desks.

We have trained in many offices and at several conferences, in Central Florida.  This is because we understand that greater results will come, of your training, if you develop your skills in the work place where you will implement them.  Our clients greatly appreciate this, not only because of the convenience, but also because of the greater capacity for hands-on, applicable learning.

You and your employees can be doing more with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office can certainly be doing more for you.  Discover the tools, short cuts and formulas which will enhance your skills, help you to manage your schedule, and greatly increase your productivity through the courses from Software Savvy.  Browse our website for more details about our classes, and give us a call at (407) 880-8447.