Microsoft OneNote Training Orlando

Software Savvy’s On-Site OneNote Training in Orlando takes OneNote from Mystery to Miracle

Our aim, at Software Savvy, is to help businesses and individuals to access all of the benefits of their Microsoft Office programs.  We have been extremely successful in doing so, over our fourteen years as an Orlando computer training company, and there are a number of companies that have reported immediate improvements in productivity.  As part of our mission, we want to spread the word about an often-neglected and under-estimated program that comes with your Microsoft Office package: OneNote.  For many of our clients, OneNote turns out to be exactly what they’ve always needed, for ease of navigation between and with their Microsoft files.

A lot of people use their Microsoft Office programs as part of their daily routine.  They use Microsoft Excel to keep track of data at work, Microsoft Word to build proposals, Microsoft Outlook to manage their contacts and calendars, and they use Microsoft PowerPoint to present ideas, goals and statistics.  However, not enough people make use of OneNote.  OneNote is a convenient inclusion that makes it possible for you to access, organize, view and share your Microsoft documents in one place.


This lesser-used Microsoft application packs a punch!

Though OneNote appears to be the least used program in the Microsoft Office package, it is very powerful and can be extremely useful to both individuals and businesses.  OneNote could change the way that you share and organize your files and projects, as it makes the management of your Microsoft documents simpler.  Your company may even be paying needlessly for separate file collection and sharing software when OneNote is right there, waiting to serve you.

Software Savvy’s Orlando OneNote training can help you to become familiar with the program and, once you know your way around, you’ll be amazed at what this little program can do for you.  You’re sure to grasp the full extent of what you can achieve, with OneNote, as our course is focused, jam-packed with helpful information, and too short for you to lose your concentration.  Our company strives to pack pertinent information into each session without overwhelming you or your staff and we do this by keeping our sessions to three hours.  Our highly-skilled trainers will provide you will an in-depth understanding of this program and the ways in which it can increase your productivity and help your business.

You’ll be surprised at how simply you can manage your Microsoft Office documents with this one program, especially after Software Savvy’s comprehensive training.


Downsize your wastepaper basket, upgrade your organization.

OneNote can incorporate information from all of the other Microsoft Office programs, like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  It is like a digital notebook, where you can keep all of your Microsoft Office files in order and access them easily.  You can flip between your appointments in Outlook, a Word document, a spreadsheet and your to-do list in one location without having to keep all of the separate programs open.

In OneNote, you can also search through your Microsoft Office documents for particular information.  It even provides you with the ability to share a notebook in OneNote with others, for the purpose of multi-user collaboration.


Strengthen your skills where you’ll implement those skills.

One of the keys to Software Savvy’s success is our on-site computer training.  For your courses, our trainers will come and teach at your location.  You can get on-site Microsoft OneNote training in Orlando and Central Florida.  This enables you and your employees to learn how to apply the skills that they acquire in the work place where they will be most useful.  Save yourself the hassle of organizing a company trip and get hands-on, in-house, on-site training from one of the best and most engaging companies in the business.

If you and your staff are already semi-familiar with OneNote and simply want to advance your skills, our trainers can customize their course so that you can develop your skills without back-tracking and wasting time.  This is a feature that is hard to find, with other training companies, which cannot adjust their courses and will start with the most basic tools.  Our clients appreciate that we can skip the basics with ease, if they want to customize their course and start where it matters.

Our clients also appreciate our flexibility when it comes to time-allocation and focus.  If your company could greatly benefit from extensive training in certain functions of a program, Software Savvy is capable of flexing for you.  We want you to walk away from these courses with a high level of skill using the tools that you need most.


Learn OneNote inside-out and it will soon be essential to your daily routine.

Software Savvy’s Microsoft Office training in Orlando can improve your employee productivity by 12-15%, and can save them time on tedious steps.  Familiarity with OneNote can make for more effective use of your Microsoft Office programs, and can make you an expert at file management and project collaboration.  For customized, engaging on-site Microsoft OneNote courses in Orlando, call Software Savvy at (407) 880-8447 for more details about our course offerings.