Microsoft Outlook Training Orlando

Create Your Own Personal Assistant, with On-Site Microsoft Outlook Training from Software Savvy

The capabilities of Microsoft Outlook are often quite under-used and unexplored.  What many individuals and companies don’t realize about this program is that it can help them to maintain their schedules, stay on-target with their emails and tasks and keep track of customers and prospects.  In fact, Microsoft Outlook operates much like a personal assistant.  Through Software Savvy’s comprehensive and engaging Microsoft Outlook training in Orlando, you will quickly become familiar with the conveniences this program affords.  Once you’ve learned how to best utilize it, you won’t want to go a day without it and you’ll wonder how you ever did.


De-clutter your inbox, manage your outbox.

With Outlook, you can manage many aspects of your life and schedule.  For instance, you can organize your email through the use of folders, set importance levels for emails that are immediate, flag emails for follow-up or flag them as junk mail, and you can even delay the delivery of an email so that it is sent at a scheduled time.  The program also has targeted search features, so that you can find specific emails easily.

Once you have your desired settings in place, managing your email will be a much less daunting task.  You will also save time on such tasks as sorting and deleting, as you will have programmed Outlook to perform them for you.  Keeping track of your important business contacts will be simpler, as well, and you won’t find yourself scrambling through paperwork and emails to find contact information.


Never miss a meeting, never forget a phone call.

Outlook also offers convenient ways to keep track of your schedule and your to-do list.  With this program, you can create multiple calendars and compare them in order to avoid timing conflicts.  You can set up reminders, which will help you to stay on top of important phone calls and meetings.  These reminders will also help you with your task lists, which you can easily maintain and complete through proper execution of Microsoft Outlook.

Looking ahead, it may seem that the task of setting up your Microsoft Outlook program so that it works in your favor is daunting on its own.  However, with the help of Software Savvy, a computer training company in Orlando, you’ll soon learn how to take full advantage of Outlook.


What makes Software Savvy your best choice for Orlando Microsoft Outlook training?

Software Savvy has been in the computer training industry for over 14 years.  In our time, we have improved the performance levels of many companies and individuals.  In fact, after you’ve trained your employees in the use of Microsoft Office programs, you could see up to a 15% increase in employee productivity.  The classes that we offer include Excel training, PowerPoint training, Outlook training, OneNote training and more.  You can take our general courses on each or you can delve into specialty courses which will advance your skills further.

Our company has a high success rate due to many factors.  First of all, we train in shorter sessions than the competition.  Where other companies want your staff to sit through seven to eight hour classes, Software Savvy divides the courses up so that no session is longer than three hours.  More concise and engaging sessions ensure that your staff gleans as much information as possible and that every minute counts.


Train where it counts, customize for optimal results.

Second, the expert trainers at Software Savvy will train you right in your place of work, through our on-site training in Microsoft Outlook for Orlando and Central Florida.  You don’t have to displace yourself or your staff and learn in a separate environment.  Our Orlando computer training company believes in training individuals where they will be applying the skills, so that they can understand how to effectively use their skills in the workplace.

Third, at Software Savvy, we can customize our classes to meet your company’s needs.  Whether that means beginning your classes at an intermediate rather than beginner level or focusing on a certain function or process that your company commonly uses, customization means that your time is optimized and you get as much out of your training as possible.

You can request Software Savvy’s Orlando Microsoft Outlook training for yourself as an individual, for your small business, for a convention or for a corporation.  Expect quality and engaging training sessions which target you or your company’s best interests.  You’ll learn to use Microsoft Outlook in such a way that it functions as a thorough and dedicated personal assistant, so that your emails, schedule, contacts and tasks are organized and you can be more efficient.  Call us at (407) 880-8447 for more details about our course offerings.