Microsoft PowerPoint Training Orlando

Create Memorable and Impressive Presentations after Your On-Site Microsoft PowerPoint Training from Software Savvy

Do you find yourself underwhelmed by your own PowerPoint presentations?  Many people want to create more exciting and valuable presentations, but they don’t know how to use the Microsoft PowerPoint program to its full potential.  As a result, they churn out boring slideshows with minimal graphics and basic charts.  Even creating dull presentations seems to take an exorbitant amount of time, as these individuals aren’t familiar with the shortcuts and tools at their disposal.

Get more out of your Microsoft PowerPoint program by enlisting the help of an Orlando computer training service like Software Savvy who trains at your location.  Through our Orlando PowerPoint training, you and your staff can learn useful tools that will save time and greatly enhance your presentation designs.  Better designs make for a much more effective presentations.

Let us help you to put more pizzazz in your PowerPoint presentations.  Our expert trainers have been teaching companies and individuals how to get the most out of their PowerPoint programs for over 14 years.  They offer classes for conventions, corporations, small businesses, and individuals.  No matter the size of the group, however, each individual is going to get thorough and applicable PowerPoint training.


How can Software Savvy be effective with any class size, big or small? 

Our success rate is high because we have the most engaging, comprehensive, hands-on training for PowerPoint in Orlando.  We don’t push our sessions beyond three hours, as it would become more and more difficult for a person to ingest information with every additional hour.  During our sessions, we provide pertinent and useful information for enhancing a person’s skills at PowerPoint without any useless fluff.  Shorter classes and hands-on training are more effective, as people are often over-loaded by the eight-hour training sessions that other companies provide.

Another advantage of selecting Software Savvy’s PowerPoint training in Orlando is that we can adjust our classes to meet your company’s needs.  For example, we can cut out information that you and your team already know from the beginner or intermediate levels in order to tackle the topics which will be most useful.  We can adjust our program so that your time isn’t wasted on trivial information.  We can also dedicate a greater portion of each session to the aspects of PowerPoint that matter most, to you.  For instance, if you use graphs regularly, we can help you to become experts at using graphs in PowerPoints.


Focus on the tools that will help you most.

Through the regular PowerPoint training program, you will learn useful tips for such tasks as rearranging slides, merging presentations, and the use of drawing tools, ClipArt and photo albums.  You will also learn how to make the most out of the Slide Master, which can save you time on editing slides on-by-one.  All of these tools will help you to build more engaging presentations.

You also have the option of taking one of two specialty courses, for Microsoft PowerPoint.

The first specialty course, “Charts and Graphs”, will focus on incorporating graphs into your presentation.  Presenting your ideas in graphic form is a great way to help your audience with visualization.  In this course, you will learn about shared charting, which allows you to use graphs from Excel.

The second specialty course is called “Mastering the Master Slide.”  Through this course, you can develop your skills with the Master Slide.  Being adept at editing the Master Slide can save you a lot of time, as you can mass-edit the text, bullets and backgrounds of your presentation without having to edit slides individually.  You can even learn how to create custom layouts and tell PowerPoint to overwrite the master slide in specific parts of the presentation.


Software Savvy will have you “Wowing” your team and clients in no time

Call Software Savvy for more information about PowerPoint training for Orlando businesses, individuals and conferences.  Unlike many Orlando computer training companies, Software Savvy’s highly qualified staff will come to your office and conduct their classes right in your work environment.  They instruct on-site for all of their courses, from their PowerPoint training, to their Excel Training, to their Outlook Training, and other Microsoft Office training programs.  This allows your employees to experience more hands-on training in scenarios which are realistic to them.  Many companies have gained applicable and useful skills through our on-site Microsoft PowerPoint training in Orlando and Central Florida.

Increase the productivity of your employees by up to 15% and make the most impressive presentations, by calling Software Savvy, at (407) 880-8447, for Orlando training in PowerPoint.