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PowerPoint Training with Software Savvy

Hyperlinks! These are easy one-click links to go to different slides in your presentation. Let’s say you wanted to skip a group of slides and go from slide 4 to slide 12 (skip 5-11). Create a hyperlink on slide 4, either a picture or text, and when clicked would immediately take you to slide 12.

To create a graphical hyperlink insert a picture on slide 4, click on picture so it’s highlighted, click on the Insert tab, then the Hyperlink icon and the Insert Hyperlink window will open.

In Link To box click on “Place in This Document”, click on Slide 12, then OK. The only way to test your link is in “Slide Show” mode. Click on Slide Show button in lower right corner of screen, then click on your graphic. It will take you directly to slide 12.

To return to slide 4 right click anywhere (while in Slide Show) and click on Last Viewed. That will take you back to slide 4. Hope this helps you get around PowerPoint easier.