Microsoft Specialty Training Courses

  • Mastering Excel Formulas
  • Excel Charts – From Basic to Amazing
  • Excel Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts
  • PowerPoint – Charts & Graphs
  • PowerPoint – Mastering the Master Slide
  • What’s New in MS Office 2013 – 2016 – Office 365

Mastering Excel

Master the mysteries of Excel formulas with Software Savvy’s highly focused, hands-on training class
From creating basic formulas to working with IF Statements and VLookup functions … and everything in between!

  • Absolute versus Relative Referencing
  • Average, Maximum, Minimum and Count functions
  • New Feature: FlashFill (replaces many functions)
  • Use dates in formulas
  • Basic IF statements and Nested IF statements
  • SumIF, CountIF and AverageIF
  • SumIFS, CountIFS and AverageIFS (multiple criteria)
  • VLookups and HLookups

Excel Charts:
From Basic to Amazing

  • Create advanced and interactive charts
  • Explore techniques for creating high impact charts
  • Learn how to represent data graphically
  • Add or delete series of data to charts
  • Combination charts and self-expanding charts
  • Use SmartArt drawing tools to add impact and customization

Excel Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts

  • Create interactive Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Analyze large collections of data using Pivot Tables
  • Through hands-on exercises organize, customize and summarize data
  • Extract meaningful data and then present that in a Pivot Chart to add visual perspective to your data

PowerPoint Charts and Graphs

  • Create and change charts and sub-types
  • Add and remove graphical elements
  • Format chart objects
  • Add animation to a chart
  • Create Organizational charts
  • Link an Excel spreadsheet or chart to a PowerPoint presentation and update data in either program

PowerPoint: Mastering the Master Slide

  • Making changes in PowerPoint is easy if you can master the Master Slide
  • Slide Master is a special view in PowerPoint that allows you to make formatting changes to text, bullets or backgrounds that affect your entire presentation
  • Create custom slide layouts
  • Overwrite Slide Master in specific instances
  • Convert slides that have been overwritten to the current Theme
  • Learn how to customize your presentation and then standardize any changes in your own personal design template
Orlando Microsoft Office Training:
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What’s New in MS Office 2013 – 2016 – Office 365

  • Clean, new look which uses white backgrounds
  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint no longer show a blank page at launch. Instead, a landing screen presents templates and other options for creating or reopening a document
  • Cloud collaboration
  • Share tab – Invite others to view or edit your document
  • Tell Me Assistant – Perform functions for you
  • More tablet and touchscreen friendly
  • Word automatically bookmarks the page you were last on when you closed a document, and lets you return to that page when you reopen it
  • Excel has FlashFill. Notices patterns in user’s data entry and then auto completes the remaining data
  • Excel offers recommended Chart styles based on the type of data specified
  • PowerPoint Themes now come with variations, which make it simpler to hone in on the look you want
  • Outlook Social Connector feature automatically provides updates from the users social networks
  • Outlook Weather Bar shows current weather forecast