Software Savvy provides Microsoft Office Suite training to our employees.  Lesley is very professional, always on time and prepared for our trainings.  Lesley presents the information in an easy to follow way and takes time to make sure everyone understands the lessons.  If any employee does not understand, she will provide personal attention to that employee to help them understand and catch them back up with the rest of the class.  Our employees are often surprised with the new features and techniques they learn from her classes.  Lesley gives our employees confidence, great resources, and the skills they need to be more productive with their daily work assignments.

Jenni Philpott

Performance Development Coordinator, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise

Thank you very much for the information you provided our team on Excel Pivot Tables. Your method of teaching and delivery of instruction continues to be a valuable resource to our team.

On a personal note, I also very much enjoyed the one-on-one session that I had with you. Having you sit with me allowed me to ask questions and receive some very valuable information that really helped me streamline some of my everyday processes.

Looking forward to working with you again in the near future.

Sandi Ballaron

Office & Accounting Manager, Bright Future Electric

Virtual One-on-One Training for Tharp Plumbing
Our employees have found the software training Lesley offers to be very worthwhile and a great investment of time.  They enjoyed the personalized and customized training tailored to fit their needs and their individual goals. The one-on-one approach and being able to have the training at a convenient time and location was a great asset.  Lesley’s training offers an all in one package of quality, convenience and affordability.  I definitely recommend her.

Aimée Tharp

HR Manager, Tharp Plumbing Systems Inc

What a terrific job Lesley Lincoln did this morning at the Apopka Chamber. I was worried that this class would be too basic for me, but within the first few minutes I learned something new. SumIf and the 3D function are going to be added to my Excel toolkit (I have already used the 3D function today) and will save me so much time and aggravation. I hope Software Savvy will be back at the Apopka Chamber soon with more advanced training!

Pamela Jennelle

Florida Hospital

I enjoyed the Outlook class this morning and learned many new things. I thought I was pretty good with Outlook, but I learned about features I didn’t know existed and some shortcuts for features I already used.

I have heard only good reports from the Hubbard employees you have trained on the various Microsoft Office applications and I believe they have become much more efficient at using the applications. The 3 hour classes are great because the trainee is given many useful concepts, but not overwhelmed with so much information that they forget most of it (which has been our experience with the all day classes from other providers). The smaller, personalized classes allow everyone to “keep up” and get personal attention when necessary. I highly recommend Software Savvy.

Kurt Klinect

Group Manager - Information Systems, Hubbard Construction Co.

Thank you for such an interesting and informative class. I have attended other Excel workshops at our Community College and your presentation is, by far, superior. The pace of your class and the clarity of presentation were excellent. I appreciated the way that you taught us how to think the problem through to define the formula before we started keying information. I hope to attend other sessions with you in the future.

Diane Drury

Microflex, Inc.

Thank you, Software Savvy, for the outstanding, informative computer training in Outlook which you provided to the members of our staff. Your training was professional, thorough and most importantly, targeted to meet the needs of our various levels of computing skills. As a result, I can see that my personnel are already managing their e-mail more efficiently and are utilizing many more of Outlook’s capabilities to their fullest. Your training has helped our office work more confidently, and perform more efficiently and productively. We look forward to scheduling our next course with you.

Michael Dale

Broker, Vice President of Sales, Dave Brewer Realty, Inc.