Virtual Training

The advent of virtual environments is presenting new ways of training today’s workforce. Virtual environments offer numerous benefits in training applications. First, virtual environments allow extensive instructor/user interactions in a very convenient and natural manner. This live interaction is greatly beneficial for increasing the user’s retention of the learned material compared to text-based or video-based instructions that are non-interactive in nature. Virtual courses are a highly cost effective method of taking instructor-led training. We offer a range of virtual training courses comprising live instruction in Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word and OneNote. No special software is required and the training can be conducted on any PC or laptop with an Internet connection. Although not absolutely essential, a simple communications headset (such as that used on Skype & MSN) is an advantage. During your Virtual Training you will be guided through a series of practical demonstrations and can ask your Microsoft certified instructor questions at any time throughout the duration of the course. Here are some of the benefits of virtual training:

Don’t get mad, get trained

  • No travelling – live, instructor-led training in the convenience of your own office or home.
  • Fully interactive training experience – see and speak with your instructor throughout the course.
  • Follow along with instructor-led demonstrations for practical skills-based training.
  • Cost effective – low rate with no travelling or overnight expenses.
  • Small class size ensure that you get personal assistance when you need it.


WHAT is Virtual Training?

Live training with an instructor . . . but you never leave your desk. An individual or group has a live instructor at the other end of the phone line who can answer any question, at any time. It’s just like having an instructor standing in front of you in a classroom, but much more convenient and comfortable. You can see the instructor’s screen and follow the examples. The same data files that the instructor is using are always provided so the student can do the same example on their own computer so you are getting “hands-on” training.

HOW is Virtual Training done?

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Once your appointment is set you will receive an email with a link. At the specified time of your appointment click on this link and you will be connected with your instructor who will be waiting on the line for you. You may speak to each other via VOIP which means if you have a headset with microphone you plug that into your USB port, then you can hear and speak with the instructor. Or if you do not have a headset call the number right above the link in your email and the instructor’s phone will ring and you can converse that way. You will see the instructor’s screen on half your computer screen. Then you will click on the data file the instructor sent you and pull that up on the other half of your computer screen. That way you can see the instructor go through an example and actually do that same example on your screen. Real “hands-on” training. This helps so much to remember what you are learning.          You hear it. See it. Do it. Learn it.

WHO is your Virtual Training Instructor?

Certified Microsoft Office instructor, Lesley Lincoln, does the training. Lesley has been training individuals and groups on all the Microsoft Office applications for 15 years. She has become a master at keeping it simple and easy to understand and yet providing first rate training to everyone. Customers have told her “You are the best instructor we’ve ever had”. Plus many compliments from students such as “I’ve taken many Excel classes but I learned so much more with you”.

WHERE is Virtual Training held?

The student never leaves their desk at their home or office. The instructor and student communicate through their computers or telephones.

HOW LONG are sessions?

For individuals the sessions are usually one or two hours. Then simply schedule more time at a later date. You and the instructor can check calendars and book it right away. For groups we do 2 hours as there may be more questions and we want to allow enough time for everyone to get their questions answered. The maximum size group would be 8.

COST of Virtual Training?

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Software Savvy wants to make it very affordable for you, so we are offering pricing of $60 per hour for individuals. Group training will depend on the number of people involved. 4 or less people – $395 for 2 hour class 5-8 people – $595 for 2 hour class

HOW do I pay for Virtual Training?

Options are credit card or Paypal. The instructor will send you an invoice which you can pay any time prior to your training.

WHAT do I need to participate in Virtual Training?

No special software is required. Just a computer with an internet connection and the desire to get better!

HOW do I reserve my hour of Virtual Training?

Reserve your hour by going through the website and filling in the registration form or calling Software Savvy. We want to speak with you to determine your specific areas of interest and to set up an appointment for your session.

WHEN can I schedule?

Right now. Call Software Savvy at (407) 880-8447 or click on the Book Your Hour button and fill in the registration form.